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  • Nightmare


    Wish 0-star is an option. To whom viewing this review, this will get very long. It's a rather long due review I always wanted to leave for Brought property management (Leanne Reid to be more specific) because as a landlord I searched and read lots of review before choosing my agent. Unfortunately, I made a very expensive mistake by choosing Broughton and Leanne:
    - Airbnb account got disabled;
    - got charged for unreasonable cleaning;
    - flat in a dirty/unready status before the guest arrival I had to take train back in town and spent 2-hr cleaning myself;
    - the worst part Leanne secretly transferred my money from my Airbnb account by changing the payout from my bank detail to hers without any notice!!
    - No check-in/check-out procedure thus slats of one bed were found out broken and I had to cover the repair cost because Leanne deleted my Airbnb account without notice;
    - with the secretly removed money we have been charged more than 40% as management fee!

    Leanne was appointed to let our Georgian flat in central Edinburgh both long-term and for festival. Let’s begin the complaint by the festival-let. At the beginning of Airbnb listing, Leanne went on holiday but did not leave the Airbnb access with her colleague. For 4 days there are so many requests came in but she did not answer any of them, thus our Airbnb account got blocked. Our listing seriously got affected even after the account got activated again. The flat went all the way to the bottom of the search, hardly to be searched in fact. Broughton put up the wrong “For Sale” board outside our flat instead of “To Let”.

    After a so-called 6-hrs of cleaning, I found the flat was in such a dirty/untidy condition: garbage bin full of trash left by the cleaner; bed not made, sheet and duvet in a mess; carpet dust everywhere; toilet being used by cleaners but not flashed left the bathroom really smelly. I spent 2-hr cleaning myself and more than 7-hr back and forth on the train just to make sure the flat is ready to have its first guests. Leanne cannot care less about us as landlord may get really bad review when guest arrives at such an untidy flat, or the Airbnb guests who may find the home away from home is a mess.

    Leanne had problem finding the perspective long-term tenants, thus we switched agent for the long-term let. She agreed with appointments for 3 viewers to visit the flat but cancelled 2 at last minute so we lost the perspective tenants. Luckily the new agent turned things around quickly at the end, but that’s a different story.

    Back to Broughton, the part upset me the most was Leanne towards the end of letting secretly changed the Airbnb payout detail from my bank account to her account, so she could secretly transfer £1,738 from Airbnb account without letting us know! She refused to move the money back and when I asked for my Airbnb account back, she told me it was deleted! Landlords, be careful and keep eye on your Airbnb account. DO NOT give away your Airbnb login if you do end up with Broughton. Let Broughton use your own email and password to get into the account, but DO NOT let them use their own email and especially mobile phone number. Otherwise you will completely lose control. So, at the end we paid over 40% of fees to Broughton for our festival-let, instead 15%.

    Due to lack of check-out procedure, there were garbage bags accumulated by the entrance and my neighbor had to remove them. Slats of one bed were found out broken shortly after the flat handed to my new agent. This has not been reported by Leanne and because she deleted my Airbnb account I could not investigate further but had to cover the repair cost.

    The experience with Broughton is an absolute nightmare. Broughton is the company literally 2-min walk from my flat, with all the promises Leanne made at the beginning, neither she or her colleagues at Broughton care nothing about us as landlord or the tenants. If you hate what you are doing, quit your job, please.