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  • No heating for three months...over Winter


    The owner, Emma Fursman, goes to great lengths on her website to make Dunpark your family-run, friendly, accessible, property company. A cosy, caring company with a " from boxroom to just-round-the-corner from Harvey Nicks" success story. At the same time, she neatly alerts you to her social group by dropping dad's old friend Lord Dunpark into the deal.
    She gives one of the reasons for opening her business as being "Concerned about the industry's laissez-faire attitude to tenants' safety .. in Edinburgh, Emma saw a need to move rental properties into the 21st Century". How right on. Lets choose Dunpark ..ticks all the boxes right?
    Well compared to reality, the website is a fairytale. Maybe Emma should have gone into fiction writing rather than property because from our prospective our daughter would have been a lot warmer and safer.

    The staff are clearly incompetent and the owner, Emma , is hopeless too. I tried contacting her directly via three separate social media platforms after failing to speak to her at her office and she has not returned ANY of my messages.
    My daughter rents a flat from her in West Preston St and there has been ongoing issues with heating since late November. Months without heating, excuses, supposed repairs that never happen, quick repairs that last a week ( if that), promised workmen not turning up, workmen turning up with wrong keys, ..........the list is seemingly endless.
    It is now February. There's a red weather warning out, snow 2 feet high outside the door, the temperature is minus six and STILL no heating.
    Even the mice have left for warmer spaces...I'm not actually joking here...
    Dunpark is a DISGRACE.
    I have two further comments regarding the 'story' of the website:-
    1. Emma says on the website that her company is named to remember her dad "it was a way for his memory to live on"- Well clearly not fond memories of dad then.

    2. Quoting from the website "the husband and wife team have visions of carrying the business forward, operating in a larger geographic area and delivering more property services for clients."
    I would urge them not to. They can't even deal with the properties they already have on their books. Please don't expand. No-one else needs to have Dunpark inflicted on them.
    This may seem like a personal attack on the owner of Dunpark but after months of trying to get my daughter a warm flat I am a parent with a serious grievance. I have tried being professional, I have tried being business like, I have tried phoning daily and I have tried visiting the offices but absolutely NOTHING seems to work with this company. I am a mother whose daughter is renting a flat from another mother who is treating my daughter very poorly.. so yes this is a "personal" review.