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  • Tenant beware


    What a Mickey Mouse company!
    Worst letting experience of my life. I always had the feeling they cared only about the landlords, but reading the other reviews, I'm now getting the feeling they care about absolutely nothing.
    We often didn't receive an answer to our emails (like asking for broken electrical equipment in the kitchen fixed) or was brushed off with "we can't get a hold of the landlord". In addition, the staff was rude, unhelpful and patronising on the phone, as well as one person was actually offended when we emailed her outside of office hours, as if everyone has access to email within working hours.
    When we moved out, they actually put a letter, which was delivered after we moved out, down as a "cleanliness problem" on the check out report. We went through the deposit scheme and got our money back after a three month wait, as their claims were ridiculous. Would recommend everyone to stay far away from this company!