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  • They used to be good!


    I got 4 new tyres, supplied and fitted on my car. I specifically asked the fitter what the wheels were like as the car was new to me and I was worried about air leaks. He said they were fine, quite new wheels and should be no probems. After a week, 2 were low on air and things didn't get any better so I went back. A very young fitter had a look and decided the valves were leaking and sealed them, it did help but they were still losing air so I went back again, sealed again at the rim this time but again a few weeks later and they are still losing air. What's the matter guys, you used to be good, a bit slow, waiting times are always pretty bad but at least you got good quality stuff and service? Afraid I haven't got time to keep running back and forth, if you can't provide a basic service then I am going elsewere.