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    Really poor service from the word go. When trying to arrange viewings for the flat i ended up renting i had to constantly chase up emails/phone calls after being assured i would be contacted. On the day of my viewing i was told i would get a text with the full address only to arrive and no-one have any knowledge of this. After calling and eventually getting through to someone who knew what was going on i was able to view the flat. After the viewing i decided that the flat itself would be appropriate. This again was a slow process and my application cost me £40 - which compared to other agents was reasonable. On arriving in the flat i found it to be quite dirty, and certainly not proffessionally cleaned. The windows of the flat were filthy and the flat itself was quite grubby with the sofa (the flat was furnished) in poor condition. Not long after moving in my fridge freezer broke. This took 3 weeks to replace (after mentioning i may withold rent) despite paying a premium for a furnished flat. I was later contacted directly by the landlord to ask how i was settling - they had not been informed by UMEGA of the problem and so were not aware they needed to find a replacement. Again, this was a long process, with me constantly having to chase up the lack of action. On vacating the flat i spent considerable time cleaning and ensuring everything was in order only to be charged for cleaning which included the smallest of detail, and getting the flat to a standard that it was not in when i took the tennancy. On attempting to reclaim my deposit i waited nearly 1 month. Yet again i would call and email Umega without anyone getting back to me - i was required to send final utility bills and proof of their payment before getting my deposit back. I would certainly not use UMEGA again as my custom was not valued at all. I would warn both prospective tenants AND landlords against using their services as you will either get ripped off for a poor service OR from the perspective of a landlord, have a substandard agency marketing your property - who knows how many potential tenants are missed due to simple failure to return calls and emails, in addition to all the other failures.