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2010-07-01 12:16 pm

As a local business, the above person contacted me, he was extremely unprofessional about the above company in question and asked us to work with his company as he claims they are better!! There are good and bad experiences to be had in all service industries. However perhaps if this review was unbiased it would carry more weight. I'm sure if Seamus put the same energy into marketing his own paintballing company, that he does into slagging of this company he would be very successful . Come on guys there is enough business out there for you all.

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2010-04-15 01:35 pm

Been paintballing a few times at a range of centres and after checking out the Bedlam website I thought it looked pretty cool so I booked an event with a few mates. The facilities are nothing like the website and the guns kept breaking - turned out to be a big waste of money. They also charge £15 for pellets when you can get them at other centres for £7... I could almost understand this if the zones and guns were good but they're actually worse! Wouldn't send anyone down there - there are much better centres in Scotland!

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2013-01-24 03:26 pm

FANTASTIC! was completely enjoyable and totally thrilling, even for a mum!

Posted By: kelly-stenson regarding Bedlam Paintball


2011-06-29 12:37 am

Great service, will def help u out whatever u need.

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2013-09-30 02:04 pm

The Staff are brilliant, friendly, helpfull and always smiling give them a raise

Posted By: duncan-cameron regarding Larkhall Leisure Centre