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2013-03-19 12:49 pm

Staff couldn't smile if you payed them. Not very welcoming

Posted By: james-mcdonald regarding ToysRus


2013-02-25 03:08 am

always enjoy shopping at argod a fast servicec

Posted By: robert-don regarding Argos


2012-11-15 03:12 pm

Online service is appallingly slow! Quicker to design and build your own toys. Don't get your hopes up for Xmas delivery. Useless!

Posted By: allan-brown regarding Wonderland Models


2012-08-16 04:18 pm

I advise people to order elsewhere. I ordered a model for a total of £145. Wonderland Models were very efficient in sending it and I was very impressed. A week later I received another invoice for £1.95 stating that it was an Olympic surcharge for delivery. they then helped themselves to my credit card details and took the money without my authority. I questioned this with them and they simply stated that they were allowed to alter charges as they wished according to their terms & conditions which I had to agree at point of purchase. They sent very rude replies to my email and when I ask to speak to a Director I have not heard form them again. I have contacted my bank and they have credited my account and will contact Wonderland. I have checked with a contract solicitor and they have no right to take this money as it shoudl have been on the invoice that I agreed and they are acting illegally to take money without consent. I suggest that their are many other suppliers online and I suggets if you dont want these people to feel that they can help themselves retrospectivaly - avoid them. This is just my opinion based on my experience and should not be considered as what happens in their standard transactions.

Posted By: christian-harper regarding Wonderland Models


2012-12-11 05:17 pm

Probably my favourite model shop in the country (a close run thing with Comet Models in Lavender Hill) and always a special treat and a bit of a modellers' paradise. The staff are helpful and knowledgable, but really only when prompted - but personally I prefer being left alone to browse than being pestered by staff. Overall I love this place and its proper old school model shop atmosphere.

Posted By: andy-bertrand regarding Wonderland Models