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2010-11-15 02:15 am

Edinburgh is a great city for fantastic little shops like this! Every time I'm in the area I always stop in. I have also ordered a few things from their online shop and they come quickly and beautifully packaged. Plus when I purchased they also had free delivery, I have stopped back a few times to check if they were still running it and it's been going awhile now - so it might be a permanent feature. I especially adore the Cloon Kleen Candles you can't buy them anywhere else (this is the same for their Pink Geranium bags range and a few other brands they carry) and they smell amazing and burn for ages. Keep up the great work! Will be back soon.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Clementine Home & Gifts


2012-11-23 05:17 pm

For a creative city, buying good quality modern designer quilting fabric in Edinburgh is hard. But since Avery Homestore developed its focus on craft materials, I have been a happy - if somewhat poorer - bunny. Stocking Robert Kaufman, Moda, Liberty Lifestyle and Kona Solids both as fat quarters and by the metre, Jo's taste is modern and bright, with none of your traditional mucky brown cottons. As someone who usually has to buy fabric online instead of locally so I can get the fabrics I need (yes, need) I'm over the moon to have a local source of designer cottons.

Posted By: sarah-barrie regarding Avery Homestore Ltd


2013-11-28 03:11 pm

I went in to the Present Shop this afternoon to buy a Fragrance Lamp, I have never used one before, but i have been told they are good and needed help to decide which type to buy and how to use it. I asked the three ladies at the counter for help and one of them looked like she was coming over to help, but she ignored me completely and went to the back of the store. I stood there waiting for someone to try to assist, NOTHING. I was totally ignored by the ladies serving at the pay point. After waiting for a little whole longer i asked for help once again and was tersely told by one of the ladies at the counter that they were both serving people. Of course i could see they were serving others, but as a sign of courtesy you can tell a waiting customer, I'm sorry, i'm busy serving this customer, I will be with you as soon as i can etc etc. I must say i was hugely disappointed and on principle i pay for goods not poor service, so I walked out of the store, went online researched the item and purchased it on Ebay. The Present Shop just lost a customer as i will not be going back there ever again.

Posted By: thursday-king regarding The Present Shop


2012-10-20 10:11 pm

The only shop in Edinburgh you need for those essential 'last minute' gifts/cards for births, birthdays, valentines etc. etc. There's always a good selection of snazzy prezzies – from cheap fun ideas to fair-trade jewellery. Put a reminder in your phone for that next event you're meant to be remembering, and get to Flux.

Posted By: pete-martin regarding Flux


2013-10-20 09:04 am

Defenitely a place to go for gifts or home decor. Full of items and nicely decorated. The stock and storefront seems to be changing every few weeks.

Posted By: bart-fischer regarding Flux