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2013-09-03 11:56 am

Superb service, great social media and website

Posted By: paul-simon regarding Blair Cadell Solicitors


2012-03-24 11:00 pm

I think the below reviews must have been written by people connected with McEwan Fraser. I had my property on with a local estate agent who did a reasonable job, however I was persuaded to change over to McEwan Fraser Legal by their 'mummy' adverts - and wished I hadn't! The service and promises simply weren't backed up and it proved a very frustrating experience. I have now gone back to another local estate agency and have had several viewers recently, two of which are very interested. I think that this Edinburgh based estate agency should stay there as they obviously don't know, or care about the Glasgow market.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding McEwan Fraser


2013-02-26 01:57 pm

The sale of my flat has gone very smooth and really was lightning quick. I honestly do not think that I could have had it better. The sales team kept me up to date with my property's progress and activity. I felt confident that the whole team at McEwan Fraser Legal were in control all the way through the bidding and offers received for my property. They have all been patient, flexible and really easy to deal with.

Posted By: mark-walker regarding McEwan Fraser


2012-12-27 05:14 pm

The care, attention and overall experience we have received from the team at McEwan Fraser Legal has been nothing short of remarkable. My partner and I both work in industries where customer satisfaction is key and McEwan Fraser Legal easily exceeded all our expectations with regards to both the sale and purchase of our properties. We would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.

Posted By: steven-carnie regarding McEwan Fraser


2010-04-08 02:58 pm

Avoid at all costs! They will rip you off. Charge you for work they havent done.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding HBJ Gateley