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2010-11-16 07:36 am

Experienced driving instructors in Dunfermline

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2011-02-24 01:02 pm

A professional, friendly company that helped me confidently pass my driving test. Pete was focused on the skills I needed, not just to pass my test, but to be a safe independant driver. I would highly recommend if you are looking to pass your test and sharpen up the skills you need to be a confident driver.

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2012-02-04 03:59 pm

As one of his students who passed both tests first time, I found that Kevin was a excellent driving instructor who taught me everything I need to know and more. I still use some of his memorable quotes when I drive. I was very happy in the car and felt very comfortable beside Kevin. During lessons Kevin was very clear and helped with any questions i had. after I passed I done the pass plus witch was very helpful especially as it covered other arias of driving that you don't or cant do before you pass 10/10 five stars is not enough.

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2012-04-14 03:28 pm

Great instructor, passed my test first time with this instructor. Would recommend this person very much. The instructor went over everything i needed for my test. I took just over a year for my test, that was my own fault as i was fairly lazy in getting my theory done, so i could have had my test done in around 10 months, but that little bit of extra time has giving me that bit more confidence. I feel that instructor takes a huge interest in your driving, would recommend a private instructor than using one of these large companies, as you know you are going to get the same driver each time.

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2013-05-28 02:14 pm

Having lived in the UK for nearly 5 years I decided it was high time I work on getting my UK driving qualification. Having been a driver in the States for almost 15 years I was nervous about having to start all over again; learning to operate a manual and finally learning the British rules of the road intimidated me beyond words. I sought the services of Smile based on online reviews and after a quick phone chat with Grant I knew everything was going to be okay. Grant was the ideal instructor for me; he was patient, considerate and always up for a bit of a laugh. Grant certainly helped me feel more comfortable driving in the UK but also ensured that when I finally got around to taking my test, I would definitely pass on the first go. I'd highly recommend Smile to anyone needing a helping hand whilst learning (or re-learning!) how to drive! Thanks again, Grant!

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