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2015-11-06 09:34 am

Here is a list of problems we endured during the installation of our kitchen:

Lack of carpet cover, even though it clearly stated this be used on the surveyor notes, this resulted in stains which needed professional carpet cleaners (Ekco provided this).

Poor time management, with a one hour window and having our contact details (which were not used) this is a sure sign of unprofessional behaviour.

Severe breakdown of communication - many problems could have been avoided with proper constructive communication.

Incompetence/rudeness from a variety of staff/fitters. Our point of contact was rude and after calling to advise of the many problems we were experiencing received nothing but attitude (this member of staff was describe by Stewart Bruce (the owner) as being 'prickly'?!)

The "electrician" left our booster switch in the 'on' position while removing the switch which resulted in a leak in out bathroom, damage to pump and an increase in bills not to mention a possible fire hazard (Ekco sent their plumber round who rather conveniently tried to blame previous work done in our bathroom (over a year before to which we had no problems), after having an independent plumber called out this was revealed to be totally false).

Marks/damage to freshly painted walls from Ekco fitter and lakestone fitters.

Marks on worktop - no actual details were provided of the cause, a sample of cleaning product and a maintenance guide would have been welcome also.

Tap/faucet - foresight from a professional plumber/surveyor would have been welcome as the original tap we chose was not suited to our situation (the new works well with cold water only).

Broken hood and panel for dishwasher (we were actually advised it was damaged turns out it was the wrong size) - feel this could have been avoided/time reduced if items checked thoroughly at an earlier stage.

Change to worktop supplier, lack of foresight regarding this which had a knock on effect regarding the splash back resulting in further delays.

No evidence of an actual manager running this project - this resulted in many problems that could have been easily avoided. We felt we were actually running this project.

Very short notice regarding the template for the worktop (even though we thought it was done the previous week) also the team arrived unexpectedly on the Thursday (without keys) instead of the arranged Friday to fit the counter.

We supplied keys to give workers access should we not be home for their convenience. They stored our keys in Livingston rather than round the corner (we are a 5 min walk from the Edinburgh showroom), which was known and ignored by staff as they were not used on many occasions.

Time frame - work started 20/7/15 and was finished on 6/11/15!

Poor plastering job, metal mesh sticking out of wall and just poor all round.

We had the pleasure of Stewart Bruce, one of the owners come to our property to discuss the many problems we experienced. During that conversation he seemed more concerned with the fact he was "bleeding money" as he had to have so many issues fixed rather than our experience with his company. His reply to why the work carried out was of a poor standard was that "the Edinburgh market for skilled workers is rather dry"?! Seems he knowingly hires sub par staff. I advised him that we felt our expectations were not met never mind exceeded as stated on their website, his reply made me laugh, "everybody has that on their website, nobody actually means it"! Oh how I laughed.

In short we paid up front for a service we never received.

Posted By: EdinaPlace regarding EKCO Edinburgh Kitchen Company


2013-09-12 07:34 am

More than happy with the work that has been done. So much so that we asked them to come back to do our utility room. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Posted By: mitchell-robertson regarding Rooms 2 Love


2010-08-16 08:48 pm

We are completely satisfied with our new kitchen, your initial CAD presentation made the task of deciding on the design so much easier than with other companies. Most important is the high standard of workmanship delivered by your tradesmen to the finest detail. I would recommend your services to anyone.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding KBB Scotland Ltd


2010-08-16 08:43 pm

I would highly recommend this company to anyone. My new bathroom is beautiful and everyone was great, from Steve at the first design visit to the fitting team who were never late and never stopped until the job was done. No mess and no inconvenience to me. Great.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding KBB Scotland Ltd


2012-12-10 04:00 pm

Absolutely no hesitation in giving AB Joinery a very high recommendation. Andy created a wonderful new kitchen and floor for us, exactly on schedule, and is now lined up to do other work for us. Punctual, pleasant, good value, organised, and with high standards of craftsmanship; and very easy to have around - since I work at home that's really important.

Posted By: nicola-morgan regarding A B Joinery Services Ltd