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2012-01-26 02:33 pm

Great, friendly service from Jim at Capital Blinds - expertly fitted. Would recommend to anyone.

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2011-10-27 12:55 pm

Our blinds where supplied by this West Lothian Blind company. They make it so simple to choose with help and design tips directly from the owners. The blinds are fantastic quality and they have a huge selection to choose from. Highly recommended!

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2011-11-17 01:01 am

Thanks to the blind studio not only for the great blinds supplied but also the excellent service provided. I'll happily recommend and use the blind studio again.

Posted By: colin-colvin regarding The Blind Studio


2013-09-04 01:19 pm

These are the worst blinds I have ever purchased they were for a new conservetorry ,and their customer service just fob you off.The blinds have been a problem from day one.First one blind would not fit the window it was made for ,a short time later another blind would not lift or lower,this happened to one more blind.The latest problem is that another blind again wont go up or down.The blinds only have a one year warranty and so they have completely washed their hands of the matter even though the blinds are 1 year and 8 months old.I have blinds from other suppliers in the rest off my house that are 30 years old and still as good as new

Posted By: jim-frame regarding Hillarys Blinds


2012-02-17 09:09 am

I Have to say that I got a whole lot of Bull from this Guy "Ian Henderson" got his whole life story and slagged off every other company, and then tried to rip us off "Big time"....Not recommended "Unless you have 4 hours to listen to his BS"

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Blind Design