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2012-04-24 12:47 pm

Over the last 5 years I have bought a single divan bed and a kingsize mattress from Grove Bedding in Galashiels and on both occassions they were very helpful and delivered the following day. In addition to this, the like for like prices were lower than any prices I found online.

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2012-03-02 07:25 pm

AVOID THIS STORE!!!!! I ordered a £550 bed and mattress on 02/01/2012. I was assured i would have both within 6weekks. After 7 weeks i went in store and was told the mattress would arrive in 2-10 days. After another 2 weeks I again went in store only to be told it would be another 6 weeks bringing my wait to 4 1/2 months or if i came instore after a few more days i could have a refund. I have just been in and was told to come back another day for it or if i wait the 6weeks i can have 2 free pillows worth £40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This company not only has shocking customer service but is completely dishonest as i have found numerous other companies who have quoted me 3 days to deliver it . Save yourself the hassle and go to an online retailer or travel further afield.

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2011-05-16 05:42 pm

Great place for low cost but good quality carpets. Have used them over the years as has my son when he moved house recently and they are nice people to deal with. Can also compete with the big boys on price. Worth a visit.

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2013-10-15 10:04 pm

I have visited Leith Bed Centre recently and purchased a King Koil mattress; the service was superb, very professional and knowledgeable. The price was fantastic for the quality of the product - I have shopped around before. It was nice to talk to somebody who really wanted to help me alleviate my back problems. Would recommend to anybody. Best service!

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2014-01-14 03:58 pm

Bought a bed but changed my mind the following day as we wanted a more expensive mattress - The Bed Shop have a policy of charging 20% 'admin fee' for cancelling the order - despite the fact it was from items in stock and the delivery date wasn't due for another 4 weeks. Be warned as the sales person WILL NOT inform you of this before you've paid!! I'll certainly not be buying anything from them again - especially the more expensive bed I'm about to buy from someone else. Didn't bother buying through them as they were very quick to be rude and say they're keeping 20% of my money when I said I needed to cancel.

Posted By: pete-baker regarding The Bed Shop Edinburgh