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2020-05-12 10:05 am

We call the practice Crystal Optometry although the official business name is Eyecare Plus Ltd. And to clarify our address is no 8 Rodney Street Edinburgh. We’ve been here 33 years enjoying meeting you you showing off the wonderful new tech to give you great advice. Optometry is so worthwhile.

Posted By: Eyeman regarding Eyecare Plus


2018-09-10 11:46 pm

Easily the worst mistake I have ever made was my going to Specsavers Morningside. The manager, amongst other things, knowingly lied when he insisted that the only one to whom one can complain is one's GP. He well knows that, apart from the Ombudsman, one can complain, free of charge, to the Optical Consumer Complaints Service (OCCS) who have an online complaints form also email:

Posted By: FairPlay regarding Specsavers Opticians Edinburgh - Morningside


2016-06-10 10:56 pm

Female optician who carried out examination was good. Male optician there on return visit (as requested by 1st optician) was downright rude and dismissive. When requested to provide copy prescription he deliberately (in our opinion) wrote it illegibly (presumably begrudging loss of sales potential) and when asked to clarify it mumbled some numbers and left.

On return to ask for it to be clarified (another optician could not decipher the code so there was no choice) similar rudeness followed.

We like to give local businesses trade - but when that business is staffed by individuals who behave in this way then someone else is getting the business.

We won't be back - suggest others avoid too.

Oh and their selection of glasses is useless anyway. Beats me how they are still in business to be blunt.

Posted By: dougpaterson1 regarding For Eyes Opticians


2011-10-10 08:50 pm

I wasn't overly impressed in my dealings with For Eyes, all a bit average. The actual eye sight test itself was efficient and the optometrist explained everything she was doing. When it came to the 'retail' side of the operation, then it was wasn't particularly good. I ended up going to three different branches before finding a suitable pair of glasses as the stock in Stenhousemuir isn't very good. I was sent to Grangemouth because, allegedly, they had more stock but when I arrived there and told them I had been told that, the assistant there just rolled here eyes and advised me that they don't have that much more stock. Ended up in the Camelon branch where I eventually found a suitable pair. The speed at which the glasses were available was good but when I received them they were really grotty and the lenses covered in dust - clearly no attempt at all had been made to give them a quick wipe before passing them onto me. And that small thing has left me with quite a bad impression of For Eyes.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding For Eyes Opticians


2012-08-13 02:17 pm

Rubbish service. Ordered 2 pairs of glasses, one normal and one with reaction lenses. These were ordered from a factory in China, and the lenses had to be returned on both pairs. Eventually 2 months later after numerous phonecalls and voicemails left I was told that my glasses were ready to be picked up. When I arrived it was apparent that they had mixed up the frames, the pair that should have had reaction lenses didn't, they had been set in the other frames. When trying the glasses on, they realised one of the frames was bent. So this again had to be returned. I left with only 1 pair, having paid for two. A week later I called back and was told that the lady had forgot to contact me, and that my frames still hadn't been replaced. At this point I asked for a refund. On entering the store they tried to stiff me for extra money because I was "only having one pair now". So despite not receiving the reactions lenses I have been charged more for the normal lenses which I did get. Unhelpful, poor products and poor service. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Posted By: gary-keenan regarding For Eyes Opticians