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2013-03-05 02:17 am

I avoided dentists for over 5 years untill i had several visits at the Falkirk Dental Care and I'm happy to go anytime there.The staff if very friendly,from the start you can tell they are professionals,the work they do is at the highest standards and very important for everyone:you don't feel a thing.I highly recommend this clinic to everyone, you will not be dissapointed, take it from me because i was freaked out by dentists till now. Thank you Dr. Atif

Posted By: razvan-niculita regarding Falkirk Dental Care


2013-06-11 06:42 pm

I had a hole in one of my lower front teeth recently and it was giving off a bit of pain whenever I was eating or drinking hot fluids. I saw the dentist and thought I was going to get a filling in the usual manner. The dentist suggested an alternative form of treatment, so he de-sensitised the tooth that had decay, the decay was then removed and it was then filled in to the same colour as my tooth. None of this treatment involved me being numbed up with a jag nor was any dentist drills used, the treatment was all done using a new dental technology called a Waterlase Dental Laser. I have to say this treatment was superb although its not available on the NHS but it's well worth it!! The dentist (Dr Atif Bashir) was very good and done a marvellous job and for that, I would certainly recommend Falkirk Dental Care and Dr Atif Bashir as he is in my opinion, a highly reputable dentist..

Posted By: gordon-waddell regarding Falkirk Dental Care


2013-06-17 02:10 pm

Having been treated by both Dr. Atif Bashir and Dr. Bilal Ansari I can honestly say this is the best dental practice I have ever been to. Both have been really friendly and professional in making sure to explain what they thought was the best option for me whilst also reassuring me of any concerns I might have had. The fact that they both calmly explain what they are doing during the procedure is also very reassuring and makes it a far more relaxing experience to those I've had with other dentists in the past. The surgery itself is fantastic, I was most impressed with the decor, which creates a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, and houses some really high tech gadgetry which means they've got the latest procedures before anyone else. This in itself i find reassuring because they have more options to solve whatever problem I might have and are trained in the most up to date methods. I highly recommend this practice, any dentists that can make me forget my nerves to such a level where I leave smiling (without the use of nitrous oxide!) is fantastic. Thanks again

Posted By: jason-blott regarding Falkirk Dental Care


2013-06-11 06:20 pm

Had an emergency meeting in London with a client and teeth were looking bad. Always believe a good smile with white teeth gets you far. Booked an appointment at Falkirk Dental care and an hour later walked out with sparkling white teeth!! :) Great Dentist, clean modern and staff were super friendly!! I would recommend Falkirk Dental Care to anyone!!

Posted By: mehbs-yaqub regarding Falkirk Dental Care


2013-12-04 03:03 pm

Having been looking around for a while at various braces, I settled with the Cfast 6 month braces with Dr. Atif Bashir. After the initial consultation I was very pleased with the service and advice given. I then decided to go ahead with the treatment and the time quoted was 6 months for my top arch, which was very crooked after removing my braces after 2 weeks as a child! Dr Bashir also had a look at a couple of teeth I had raised concern over before the treatment to ensure everything was going to be OK. 4 and a half months later I get the braces off and retainer fitted tomorrow! Very friendly service and always efficient - would recommend to anyone.

Posted By: david-anderson regarding Falkirk Dental Care