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2010-01-07 04:58 pm

It's amazing to watch the changes that happen in people's lives as their body truly heals... Dr. RP, DC

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2009-12-02 12:11 pm

The service is not about getting better, it is about staying well. From a nasty start, where I had given up, they did not, and have now become a regular part of my life. keeping me well thanks to you all there.

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2011-07-08 10:11 am

Having a multi-health clinic in London we find that we have to send patients to clinics around the country for continued care. We have referred patients to Chiropractic Life for some time with great results. Our patients always come back happy and in good health. Good work guys!

Posted By: marius-askeland-jensen regarding Chiropractic Life


2009-11-17 04:26 pm

Dr Donald Francis has helped me in so many ways. First, with chronic neck pain and then with rehab for a shoulder injury. I am in much less pain and have more range of motion than when we met. As a bonus, Dr Francis offers insight about the world around us. What a wonderful fellow. ~ Marsha Hardacre

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2013-04-18 09:48 pm

I have had the benefit of Chiropractic care for a number of years and would recommend it to anyone experiencing back, neck or joint pain. Give them a call!

Posted By: glyn-thompson regarding Dalgety Bay Chiropractic Clinic