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2012-01-06 04:38 pm

Cool pharmacist

Posted By: owen-ryrie regarding Rowlands Pharmacy


2011-01-25 07:22 pm

A small sub post office but probably... no, definitely the friendliest most helpful I've used.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Wallyford Pharmacy


2013-12-02 12:26 pm

This has to be one of the worst chemist shops I have ever been in. The staff are unfriendly, dour, and have this know it all attitude. The chemist today asked me to wait as she was busy, busy talking to another member of the staff. The shop's layout suggests an open to all policy with various stands / displays, yet to be told to go round the other side as if you were a thief is what killed it for me. I will never enter that shop again even though it means walking to Sainsbury's at Meadowbank or Elm Row for any future requirements medically than use this shop again.

Posted By: bob-bell regarding Dears Pharmacy


2013-11-02 03:04 am

Having had a recent negative experience with there temp driver, i was made very welcome by there professional staff and politeness . There knowledge and respect goes along way in this day of age, hats off and thank you to all,

Posted By: scott-finnie regarding Omni Care


2014-01-07 10:58 pm

Been to 2 omni pharmacies now, drumbrae and Queensferry road and both the visits left sour aftertaste. Pharmasists were very unhelpful and could not wait to get rid of me. Had to drive to the Gyle in rush hour and what a difference in attitude. Got everything sorted in no time

Posted By: h-julia regarding Omni Care