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2011-08-10 02:21 pm

great pizza

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Domino's Pizza - Alloa


2012-07-21 11:03 pm

Bland overpriced pizzas with a real lack of of toppings. Toppings very sparce. Cant beat a proper pizza from the vast choice of indian takeaways. The curry pizzas from masterchef in alva are just out of this world woth a choice of any curry topping at a fraction of the price of dominoes bland muck.

Posted By: william-rae regarding Domino's Pizza - Alloa


2012-11-18 05:39 pm

Excellent food great service

Posted By: sean-fox regarding Domino's Pizza - Alloa


2012-01-25 09:22 am

Got my Delivery tonight again it was Super Fast and great value! The driver was so nice also. The best Pizza Hut and best pizza ever!!!

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Pizza Hut Delivery


2012-01-28 09:09 pm

Very disappointed. Ordered pizza at 8pm and was advised it'd be 40 mins...called back after an hour to be told it hadn't been put in the oven yet and would be at least another 30 minutes! Completely unacceptable so I had no choice but to cancel the order. Dinner ruined!

Posted By: natalie-milton regarding Pizza Hut Delivery