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2013-01-12 09:10 pm

Excellent Indian restaurant. Although it looks like a takeaway there is a bistro type sit in area. The decor understates how good the food is. There can be queues and sometimes a small wait, and it is a hidden gem. If you are hungry for a takeaway this is highly recommended.

Posted By: deepankar-datta regarding Kebab Mahal


2012-12-02 12:37 pm

This is definitely the best curry house in Edinburgh, if not Scotland/UK/Europe/World (you know the deal). The food is marvelous homestyle cooking it could easily stand proud with the restaurants in Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester's "curry mile." Yes, neither the service nor the decor are of the michelin 3 star variety but who cares when the food is great and really inexpensive. Two people can eat well here for under 20 quid and still take enough of that home to have for the next night's dinner. you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere that can compete, but yeah try not to be impatient and don't expect finery.

Posted By: brian-robertson regarding Kebab Mahal


2013-12-29 06:54 pm

Simply awesome,great service and the Food was Man...too delicious !! LOVED IT <3

Posted By: tahir-raza regarding Kebab Mahal


2013-10-02 01:01 pm

My brother and I ordered 2 large chicked tikka kebabs. The place is called 'Kebab Mahal', and combined with the good reviews, we were expecting a good meal. As we are are from Manchester, and regular visitors to Manchester's 'Curry Mile', we knew what to expect in a chicken kebab. When our order came, we were disappointed. Firstly, our order came withing 3 mins which indicated that it was not freshly cooked, but rather reheated. The chicken kebab was served on a saucer (yes, saucer!) with a sad looking, supermarket bought pitta bread on top and a tiny portion of salad on the side. When I asked why they don't serve it with fresh naan bread rather than the preservative laden, pitta bread, the reply was "We always serve chicken kebab this way". I had a brief conversation about what we expected and how these kebabs are served are served in Manchester. I ordered a Nan bread, and when it arrived, and sensing our disappointment, he said "I bet you never had Nan bread as good as this in Manchester!" He was right. The Nan was huge, very soft, almost cotton wool like, generally very good. But the lukewarm chicken it was served next to, was a disappointment. The chicken seemed to be marinated well, but was clearly not freshly made and portion size, for a large, was not adequate. The chicken kebab's were £5.55 each. I'll be back in Edinburgh sometime, but probably wont be back here, for a kebab at least.

Posted By: faisal-dama regarding Kebab Mahal


2013-10-16 05:48 pm

This is something of a hidden gem. Just opposite the better known Mosque Cafe Kebab Mahal also serves up delicious home made Indian Cuisine for sit in or take away. Don't be put off by the facade or the budget interior, but pay close attention to how popular it is with the locals as the food is delicious. There is limited space inside so be prepared to wait for seating space, but know that it is worth the wait. My personal favorite is their creamy home made Tarka Dahl, mopped up with a fresh, beautiful and crispy Garlic Naan. The prices are excellent too. If you love curry, it's absolutely worth a visit!

Posted By: robbie-moore regarding Kebab Mahal