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2011-12-04 05:55 pm

Friendly service. Nice clean pub with food selection of beers and wine.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Roseburn Bar


2011-11-02 06:42 am

Bar staff were unnecessarily rude and dour-faced; will not be returning even though we live less than two minutes walk away. Yes, It's that bad

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Roseburn Bar


2013-10-20 08:14 pm

Yer cannae slag the Rosey!!

Posted By: donald-burke regarding Roseburn Bar


2012-12-11 10:24 pm

I was pretty sceptical when my Jambo husband kept hounding me to join him in the Roseburn bar when we moved into Murrayfield. For a start, I'd not seen many women whenever I walked past, there were some pretty colourful characters stumbling out of there at 10am, an hour after opening, drunk on pensioner pints. But finally I relented and was pleasantly surprised. They serve a huge selection of spirits, and at super-cheap prices. Tanqueray and tonic for 2.30 is not to be sniffed at!! I have mixed feelings about the decor. There are true Edwardian finishings - the frosted windows informing passers-by of the drinks available are beautiful, as is the cornacing and vintage bar. But because of its history as a football bar, the walls are covered in Hearts memorabilia. If I had my way, I'd turn it into a turn of the century cocktail bar, but then my husband would divorce me and I'd probably be maimed by a football mob.

Posted By: mel-mcluskey regarding Roseburn Bar


2011-05-19 07:16 pm

The meals are great. The view of the mountain from room 18 is magnificent. The bar has a lovely fireplace. The people are wonderful.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Craigiebield House Hotel