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2012-04-18 09:11 pm

Community library and Recreation, swimming sports for all

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2009-09-08 06:52 pm

The centre acts as the hub of Teens+, a charity programme that aims to teach people aged 17-24 with mental disorders about everyday life, preparing them for the real world.

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2011-11-16 09:58 am

Inch Community Centre was established in 1968. It is an 'A' listed historical building located in the middle of Inch Park. It is large building, comprising of a variety of general purpose rooms, arts and craft area, photography room, kitchen and office. The Centre operates a varied weekly programme. Also located at Inch House is a transitional education programme, called TEENS+. TEENS+ is a transitional education programme for young adults with complex needs and communication difficulties, who have left school. The programme comprises an extension of the students' previous education, with emphasis on the transition to a more independent life in the community.

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2010-12-01 07:20 pm

Better range of food items than previously, but the staff and premises let this place down. The automatic door is frequently turned off (not just broken, but turned off as I found out from one of the better members of staff), which prevents access by disabled people as the door is very difficult to open manually, requiring good strength. My mother-in-law has frequently been overcharged for items at this venue - for instance, they rather cheekily tried to charge her double the normal price for a "100% extra free" box of teabags! On the other hand, on the occasion I left my bank card there, it was returned to me intact the next time I went in. This shop could be hugely improved by switching the accessible door on, and by more polite staff who don't make fun of the customers (something which hasn't happened to me yet, but I've heard happening to others).

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2013-12-03 08:32 pm

Go to the svhool best school ever

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