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2013-08-04 03:00 pm

Brand new building.

Posted By: kenman-liu regarding West Lothian Council


2013-12-27 09:42 am

Dear Sirs, Two days before Christmas i contacted you to report our refuse bin ,grey, was missing a wheel.Your representative promised to contact the cleansing department.Nest day our bin was repaired,Many thanks for an excellent service.Andrew and Molly Ashcroft 28 Camps Rigg.

Posted By: andrew-ashcroft regarding West Lothian Council


2013-11-28 06:14 pm

This is a great place to learn Spanish. The tutors are very friendly and good fun, and the variety of different exercises helps to keep you engaged throughout each session. I've really enjoyed the classes I've attended so far, absorbing lots of information along the way, and I'd highly recommend SALT to anyone considering learning the Spanish language.

Posted By: david-mcarthur regarding SALT Edinburgh


2013-10-06 07:24 pm

SALT Edinburgh is the best place to learn Spanish in Edinburgh. I've been going for their courses for a number of semesters now and really enjoyed it. Some of the assets of the school are great teachers who develop a really friendly relation with the students, interesting and diverse class content and small class sizes. Additionally, SALT have a great DVD library full of Spanish movies and also organise group outings to different cultural events. Highly recommended!

Posted By: anna-marcinkiewicz regarding SALT Edinburgh


2013-11-29 09:14 pm

I am almost finishing my second module at SALT and I couldn't be more pleased with it. It was a lot of help, my spanish improved a lot in quite a short time. I like the size of the classes, easy and fun to learn. The people are very nice, made friends and enjoyed the multicultural environment.

Posted By: adela-popescu regarding SALT Edinburgh