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2013-11-21 10:46 pm


Posted By: craig-maurer regarding Westwoods Health Club


2012-12-20 09:04 am

Staff are great, flexible and fit in with our child's needs whether on going or at a particular point in time.

Posted By: jane-marley regarding The Abacus Day Nursery Ltd


2013-01-07 04:37 pm

I agree with last review, My children love going to nursery. Its a super friendly environment

Posted By: jane-brown regarding The Abacus Day Nursery Ltd


2013-01-17 11:01 am

excellent nursery, lovely staff and happy children. what more could any parent wish for? I highly recommend

Posted By: lisa-neill regarding The Abacus Day Nursery Ltd


2012-11-23 09:31 pm

Having found out from friends who were parents that the waiting lists for nurseries in Edinburgh was CRAZY long I set about looking for nurseries when I was 6 months pregnant. I lived and worked in Leith so I was looking for a nursery in this neck of Edinburgh's woods. I visited a few nurseries and for me one of the really important factors was outdoor space. I lived in a flat on a main road and I really wanted my little girl to be able to go out and play like I did as a girl. So, when I stumbled upon Forbes Nursery, I fell in love. The nursery is placed opposite Leith Links in what I assume was previously a very very large home / guest house. The nursery is deceptively huge - there are only 4 doors and stairs leading off the entrance way, but it is very tardis like - rooms leading from other rooms. Plenty of space indoors for little tots. An abundance of indoor activities to keep them busy and developing. BUT the clincher - the garden is ENORMOUS! Boasting half an acre of land with lots of little sections, a secret garden, a vegetable patch that the children help to plant, various play park areas, again sectioned for different ages and stages. Lots of outdoor toys - kid heaven! Oh the fun and adventures I could have had in that garden if I was a child again! My daughter is now 2 and has been going for over a year - she loves it - she doesn't want to leave. The carers are so friendly, helpful, caring and informative. My daughter's development has come on leaps and bounds since starting, she's confident, happy, bright and has made so many friends. We have now moved out of the area, but I wouldn't dream of changing her nursery - I cannot recommend this place highly enough!

Posted By: jo-findlay regarding Forbes Childrens Nursery