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2013-10-03 01:24 pm

IT Turning Point provide an excellent training service and have a wide range of courses available. Their style and approach to training is unique and refreshing - I am happy to recommend IT Turning Point for all your training requirements

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2010-08-27 10:13 am

Very friendly walker. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Marvellous.

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2010-12-03 10:04 am

FANTASTIC! This dog walker is one of the best I've ever had! I've moved house a lot due to my job and so my poor dog has to deal with another dog walker and it usually takes my dog a while to get used to the new walker...Not this time!! He loves Jillian and actually waits at the lounge window for her every single day! Such a friendly and caring dog walker.

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2012-07-12 10:15 am

I attended a session with Sara at Sara Maude Hypnotherapy to help me deal with some major transitions in my life. I was contemplating a major career change whilst also juggling the worries and concerns of impending fatherhood. I found Sara to be a wonderfully warm and welcoming person. I was able to open up instantly and get to some of the more engrained issues I hadn't really focused on before. Using methods like EFT, we were able to identify certain issues that were causing obstacles and to find the confidence to move forward. If anyone is ever struggling to deal with aspects of their lives and feels they need some help or guidance, I would highly recommend Sara.

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2012-06-29 10:18 pm

I had reached a point in my life where I knew I need to stop mindless eating and begin to move a little more, I had an insight to Brief Solution Focused Therapy through my work so was intrigued to see how this would work with hypnosis. Making an appointment was easy as was the parking in the nearby London Road car park. The venue was a little hidden but I had superb instructions on how to get there. Sara greeted me at reception and I immediately warmed to her smile and normal appearance. (I had envisaged all hypnotherapists to be sandal wearing 1970's throw back hippies . . apologies for stereotyping) The room Sara works from is calm and inviting. We spoke a little about my concerns without having to delve back into my past. That in itself is refreshing from previous types of counselling I had endured. I did become quite teary at one point but through a couple of rounds of EFT I was able to talk freely about the upset without having any strong emotions attached to the memory. The two hours passed extremely quickly.I left the building feeling on cloud 12 (9 would have been too low). Did it work? I thought only time would tell so zoomed straight into the supermarket next door. Big mistake as i couldn't remember what food I normally bought !! I had no desire to snack between meals for the next couple of days but was wondering if I would ever begin to move more. Sudddenly I realised I was scrubbing the kitchen floor whilst thinking this. At no point had I had the internal conversation of "I really ought to clean the floor" It was an incredible experience one I would like to repeat at some later point. As for recommending Sara, I couldn't rate her high enough. Thank you

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