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2013-09-22 09:03 pm

A really hard working team. They contacted from a job site within half an hour of posting CV on a website. Their door was always open to us before and after interviews in Edinburgh. They got us an offer of a good job, although there was quite a bit of pressure to take the job.

Posted By: dolidh-young regarding Cathcart Associates Limited


2013-10-22 10:23 am

Incompetent muppets. Phoning up employees directly at their current work, which is both uncomfortable for the employee and disrespectful to a potential client.

Posted By: ijonas-kisselbach regarding Cathcart Associates Limited


2011-08-23 12:15 am

Amazing recruitment company

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Avenue Scotland Ltd


2013-08-13 03:53 pm

Not good. Poor clients. NO MINIMUM working day (most agencies are 8 hours). Payroll method a bit strange, I was signed to Central Payroll Specialists despite not signing the contract because the T&C's were not to my liking. The client I provided a service for deducted 5 hours off my timesheet. No person at Avenue thought to query the alteration. Overall if you are a temporary worker then avoid Avenue and go to any of the 30 or so better agencies. You could try Recruitment Direct(Falkirk), NAS(Livingston) as 2 examples of decent agencies. Strange that Ian Campbell(director of Avenue) has an article about the "bad" agencies and how Avenue want to eradicate the bad practices of which his company is a prime proponent of. One of the minority that tarnishes the reputation of others.

Posted By: ewan-mackinnon regarding Avenue Scotland Ltd


2012-01-25 04:20 pm

I recieved a an exellent service for my son. Mr rating is EXELLENT. PLUS!PLUS!PLUS! Ronald Drever Edinburgh

Posted By: a-google-user regarding JB Nursing & Staff Employment Agency