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2013-07-11 09:42 pm

Excellent selection of model making materials, RC aircraft, boats, cars and model kits. A real hidden gem of the west of Edinburgh - definitely worth a visit if you are a modeller

Posted By: jevan-burchell regarding Marionville Models


2011-09-17 09:36 am

Bad experience. My boyfriend booked me in for a CBT with these guys and I was really looking forward to it , I used my own bike which I felt more comfortable on and there wasnt any discount for using your own bike which I felt would have helped them out i.e they would have more bikes available for other people , they didnt have to pay for petrol to fill up my bike etc ? However I kept an open mind in hope that I would enjoy the experience. There was no females around so I felt slightly intimidated but the fact their staff are very sexist and I got the impression that they didn't think females should ride bikes ? I felt very isolated throughout my course and I dont think I would recomend it to anyone not even males ! I then did my training with another school in Edinburgh on Seafield and found it a much more pleasurable experience.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Two Wheels Training


2012-03-20 06:02 pm

I'm sorry that Lauren had a bad experience, but I don't believe she can blame it on the trainers at Two Wheels. As a female, I've enjoyed a lot of support and encouragement from the guys. Good-natured teasing, too, which I took in the spirit it was given (and was happy to give back as good as I got). A thick skin is _not_ a requirement to get a good experience: merely a sense of humour and a bit of common sense. Again: I would thoroughly recommend training at Two Wheels - you can expect an enjoyable experience in the care of professionals.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding Two Wheels Training


2013-06-04 08:22 pm

My VFR800 was only firing on 3 cylinders so mentioned this to them during a 32k service. Several hundred pounds later they apparently serviced the bike and claimed they fixed the problem. Unfortunately they hadn't and needed an extra week to sort it. Makes me wonder if they actually did the service and they obviously don't test ride after. Took same bike in for MOT at another official Honda garage only 200miles later and they found head set bearings were worn and other problems. Wasn't picked up at this dealer. Appear to take your money and do nothing.

Posted By: john-brailsford regarding Two Wheels Training


2013-05-15 03:35 pm

Having a problem with a Shark helmet bought 2 years ago (5 years warranty), staff was anything but helpful. The alleged "Clothing manager" didn't put any effort in trying to defend the costumer. I was accused of putting oil or petrol on visor (only a moron would do such thing) and to keep me quiet was offered an half price visor as compensation. Helmet end up going to Shark UK who investigated the matter in a professional way and solved the problem by offering a new visor as replacement of the broken one. Had to dispatch the helmet to Shark UK at my own expenses and spent over 3 weeks without being able to ride my bike. Going back today to collect the helmet and have no intention of returning there again as service is poor and, unless one takes matters in own hands and bypass 2wheels, will be disregarded as costumer.

Posted By: yoshi-ka regarding Two Wheels Training