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2016-06-30 08:09 am

I had called to inform the company I had a fire at my property. Therefore I had no utility bills to produce. I was told it was not a problem as long as I had my driving licence and credit cards. Which I did.
I then arrived at the airport. I was told to wait at bus stop 3. Which I did for 40 minutes. Apparently it's bus stop 8. Eventually had to get a taxi to the off airport site.
Waited for 40 minutes as all the staff were chatting to themselves about their trivial lives. Not one person asked if they could help. After a while I said can anyone help please. There was a huge line of customers waiting. Then told as I didn't have the utility bills my reservation was cancelled. I relayed that the head office had instructed me that this was ok. I was then told I would not be getting my vehicle.
After then calling head office I was told to leave the premises and email to get a refund. Also I won't get a car from the airport as nobody will issue one without the utility bills.
I arrived at the airport car rental centre and 4 companies told me the same thing. They have clients every day of the week arriving as they have been shafted by easirent.
They gave me a car without the utility bills. I was offered the same from every company on site. But was trying to get a cheaper price.
I then called easirent to get a refund. And was informed that my booking had been cancelled and no refund would be issued. The staff were rude and unhelpful.
It may look like a budget company. But do yourself a favour. Do not book because they are a few pounds cheaper. Or I guarantee, you will regret it.
Book a company inside the airport. Save yourself the aggravation. Read up on the reviews. I wish I had.

Posted By: B14rel regarding Easirent Car Hire Edinburgh Airport


2012-12-06 06:18 pm

Van man came out tops for the best man and van quote and being local to me even better. Im a local artist with a studio and needed to move some artwork on a budget and take rest of my rubbish to the refuse tip. Superb no nonsense service !

Posted By: sophia-jevone regarding Van Man Edinburgh


2012-10-04 12:18 pm

I emailed asking for a quote for services but I had mistakenly said the apartment I was moving into was top floor when it was only 2nd floor and for some reason this error drove the owner into a ranty email rage. He kept sending emails demanding to know why I had told him top floor when it was only second floor (still no quote from him at this point) and when I failed to answer an email (because he sent it in the evening and I happened to be out) I then got an email first thing the next morning demanding to know why I wasn't responding and saying that clearly I was wasting his time etc etc. The whole thing was bizarre - why be rude to a potential customer before you have even secured their business? I found him rude, unhelpful, unprofessional and frankly a bit odd and wouldn't ever trust him with the safety of my possessions.

Posted By: bec-nelson regarding Van Man Edinburgh


2010-01-15 09:38 am

Europcar is NOT at Platform 2, railway station, and NOT at Dumbarton Road near the tourist info office. It's a way out of the city centre on the Glasgow Road - but if you phone they will come and pick you up.

Posted By: a-google-user regarding National Car Rental


2011-04-09 08:40 am

Great service! Even gave us a bigger car for the same low price of the car we were hiring as it wasnt ready. Friendly staff! Thanks guys :)

Posted By: a-google-user regarding National Car Rental