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2015-03-17 07:39 pm

Just completed a VHF course recently with SPR Marine, good informative tutor (Scott-owner) great knowledge and excellently taught throughout the course.

Very accomodating and excellent customer service.

10/10. Will be re booking with SPR when needed. Great.

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2011-06-06 04:10 pm

great karaoke at weekends plus saturday afternoon premier scottish and english football on polsat and al jazeera great atmosphere live music on a sunday

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2013-05-29 04:23 am

Great atmosphere friendly pub and good staff

Posted By: rab-curran regarding The Ferry Boat


2011-11-03 09:49 pm

Excellent! - I haven't had the urge to do this 'on-line rating thing' before, but having read the comments below I feel myself raising one eyebrow with more than a hint of suspicion about the venomous attacks by apparent diners on The Boathouse Restaurant. In particular, I feel they make far too much an issue of persuading readers of their reviews to adopt the Orocco Pier as their new eating experience in the same area. I think they 'doth protest too much'!! Anyway, I'll not make any comparison with any other Restaurants but instead just review the one in question. I've visited the Boathouse on several occasions, the Cocktail Bar, the Bistro and the Restaurant. Each time, I've enjoyed the experience very much indeed. The Cocktail Bar I visited with three friends who'd arrived from overseas. It was bright, fairly comfortable and although there was music it wasn't too loud so as not to be able to hear our conversation. There was a good variation of cocktails on the menu and before long we were joking with the friendly, knowledgeable, barman about how he looked nothing like Tom Cruise. The Bistro I have been to on more occasions than any other and whether it be the middle of summer or freezing winter it's always been a lovely experience. Obviously the view changes quite dramatically depending on the time of year. I've visited both when the Forth has been as calm as a millpond from South Queensferry to Fife and on another occasion when the waves had threatened to crash up onto the outside seating area. Each time I've found the view a talking point with the friendly staff who I've found to be attentive but not too intrusive. THE FOOD.. I certainly have never suspected my food to be anything other than fresh. It's always been well presented, hot, and fantastically tasty. I must confess that I have often chosen the steak as opposed to the varied selection of fish on offer but I live with the guilt of ordering meat in what, after all, is primarily a seafood Restaurant (the clue is in the name). I've only reserved a table in the Restaurant on special occasions. The surroundings are fresh, modern but still with a certain quaint old sea style that reminds you that the main business is the preparation and presentation of their seafood. I'm not sure whether they use different staff from the Bistro but I did noticed a difference, as if they'd stepped up their game and became somehow slightly more formal without being too stiff and impersonal. I think I have only been to one other restaurant where the head chef has been confident enough to come out of the kitchen to ask diners their opinions of their dishes. I thought this was a very nice touch and impressed all of the others in my party very much. I will visit the other restaurants in the vicinity now and again, but from my several experiences in The Boathouse so far, it remains my favourite without comparison.

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2012-01-21 12:29 pm

Dined at The Boathouse twice in the last couple of weeks, first time was for a romantic meal and the next time was with a larger group of friends. Both visits were to the Bistro. Staff are very accommodating and friendly, no rush to order and they have good knowledge of the menu to recommend dishes. The food was definately worth a 5 star rating and not over priced. Great selection of dishes (loved the scallops) as well as tempting specials. Would definately visit again! Dont believe the bad reviews below.

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